Tuesday, 12 April 2011

100/365 Centenary Monday

My 100th post of the year, good grief. (Technically its Tuesday now not Monday but I'll let myself off).
Between taking Jasper to the Vets to flirt with his favourite ladies, and heading to the dentist myself, I clocked up some miles today. Spring is definitely here, the swallows are back and I managed to get a very atmospheric shot of a heron on the river.
(OK, possibly more blurry than atmospheric).

P came home early from work poorly (yep, poorly Paulie), so I have been in full on sympathetic girlfriend mode - tiring stuff! Bit of a bleurgh Monday all in all, but brightened by the daffodils I have been crocheting manically for a springtime project to be revealed later. x


  1. let's meet for lunch in the park once it's 20+ out!

  2. Sounds good to me! And shoulnd't be long either, think it hit above that on Monday....