Sunday, 17 April 2011

106/365 What happened?

How did I end up in a place and time where words like this are options on my predictive text?

P can't even send a text message (at least not in less time than it would take him to catch, train and send a carrier pigeon), so he hasn't been entering these scientific terms into the phone. I really don't remember using it either, how is it possible that the phone comes programmed with 'femtolab', and yet does not recognise 'crochet'? What is the world coming to?!

In other news, its snowing again. But thankfully we made it home from concert and pub before the blizzard. Fantastic cello and violin playing by teenage musical geniuses (genei?) at a fundraiser for Japan.....

I managed to crack out the theme from Pingu on my clarinet this week and now feel that maybe I should have practised more in the intervening years. Ho hum.


  1. What were you trying to write?

  2. Do you know I can't even remember? Not very exciting answer sorry!