Wednesday, 6 April 2011

95/365 Guess the duck returns

Well, I realise that 'Guess the duck' has entered many of your hearts and minds as a highlight of your week. I can tell, two entries in week one, and then 0 last week - your itching for more aren't you?!

Well, to shake things up a bit I've decided to go the crafting route this week, hopefully you'll find this one a little easier* (depending on how successful you think my tissue paper work is!)....

Answers in the comments please, first place gets a duck-themed postcard all the way from Canadia - these will be collectors items in years to come people, worth thousands on the black market**.

* Apologies to non-UK readers, I'm guessing this little man wasn't a hot British export.....

** Erm....maybe. This is by no means a guaranteed investment scheme.

NB. Previous winners (dad) need to wait til Saturday to enter please!
Oh, and those of you waiting on tenderhooks for last weeks answer, they were Goldeneyes....Bond? Get it? I'll get my coat.


  1. Oh no! Stuart may have just earned himself a postcard, but also the disappointment of mummy lawes who was waiting til saturday to enter! Oh, there'll be hell to pay over this!