Monday, 18 April 2011

107/365 Enjoying the moon

It has been a strange old day, but I think for the most part a positive one. Not much photogenic going on though so I snapped away at the moon on our evening dog walk....

I have finally started on the 'ten word' challenge that was set months ago and has a deadline of Saturday night. We have ten words (chosen by a random word generator) and are challenged to choose 5 of them and create 'artworks' inspired by said words. We've extended the deadline several times, as well as reducing the challenge from all ten words to five....and I'm guessing that most of us are still struggling. I'm glad to say that I've finally had a breakthrough.....I'll share the results next week but for now I'll share the words and see if you find them any more inspiring:

Breach; centre; guilty; particular; bloody; fragile; unfair; terminal; hostile and computing.

Not the most cheerful selection are they?

Night all. x

1 comment:

  1. Actually these words accurately describe the email I received from daycare lady... Starting with a breach in the contract and ending with a hostile computing message... With fragile baby in the middle, and an unfair situation... Termination of contract.... a bloody difficult problem to solve... Good thing we have a very particular neighbor...