Tuesday, 12 April 2011

101/365 New things in common....

It turns out that when Paul is sick he has a much higher tolerance for Murder, She Wrote - a new found common interest. I have taken full advantage of this situation I can tell you.

My photo today is of the preparations for the debates this evening, for those of you unaware, Canada is heating up to an election in early May. The main candidates are facing off in English tonight and French at a later date. I must admit its quite hard to get that fired up about an election you can't vote in. However, I was surprised to see quite so many 'Harper' banners out, having yet to meet anyone who thinks anything positive about him.

Best banner? 'Vote green, 80% less bulls*%t'.
Sadly the maths teacher in me wonders if they have the evidence to back that up?!

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