Thursday, 7 April 2011

96/365 Co-operation

In our defence it was early, pre first cup of tea of the morning.
So it seemed like a sensible idea when I spotted a Merlin fly onto the top of a telegraph pole, to attempt to take its photo through the binoculars. I held the binoculars, Paul dealt with the's our best shot:

(Hope that explains what we were up to this morning M, not spying on the neighbours!)

Said Merlin was oh so interested in his breakfast though, so stayed put when we walked Jasper and allowed us much closer, leading to this slightly less atmospheric but somewhat clearer shot:

In other news, it seemed like a good idea this afternoon to run down the street to catch a customer who had left a ball of yarn behind. And all in all it was. Sadly it was not until I turned round to walk back that I realised I was wearing my red felted slippers.....


  1. I was quite suprised that you were so interested in us leaving for my last day of teaching... I thought the binoculars were maybe a bit too much...


  2. :) Think yourself lucky we can't see into your house from ours, its the neighbours over the road that really need to worry!