Saturday, 23 April 2011

111/365 New animal finds

Good Friday was a good day. The sun is back out, P is off work and (after a mad morning of spring cleaning) we enjoyed our books and had a wander with the dog - and discovered yet another Canadian animal we had not heard of before. Check out the Urban tree Lobster:

Amazing! Apparently they spend most of the year under water, but in the spring time if you're very lucky you may spot one as it ventures out onto dry land to feed on tree bark, fattening itself up after the harsh winter. Thankfully this one was a little dopey and I managed to snap this shot without endangering my fingers.

Friends from England here now (who have already ticked off 'beaver' from their things we must see in Canada list) and we're off to a cottage for board games, over indulgence and hopefully some canoeing. Back Monday, have a great holiday weekend everyone. x


  1. OK, either you're drunk as a skunk or today's Canada's version of April Fool's!

  2. ;) oh yee of little faith, its a real animal - honest guv!