Sunday, 10 April 2011

99/365 Another Sunday, another Sugar Shack

It is probably for the best that Maple Syrup season is such a short one, as the sugar rushes and crashes are really quite tiring. Post nap I can again look back on this morning with pleasure....

A morning out with friends, all you can eat breakfasts with lashings of syrup, rickety sugar shacks and farmyard animals - perfection.

The shack itself was old and dark, with sun shafts shining through the sweet steam.

The animals were very fond of humans - the ENORMOUS pig enjoyed having his belly rubbed and the cows were particularly fond of licking our hands with their ridiculously long and rough tongues.....but best of all were the turkeys.

Who knew turkeys were so interactive, you say 'gobble gobble' and they 'gobble gobble'.....hours of entertainment. These particular turkeys were far more responsive to the voices of small children, but that didn't stop us trying.


  1. I stupidly watched this while Stuart was here after being told to take a look at it by our parents. On first watch he could not see the screen and could only hear the noise, I wondered exactly how I was supposed to explain it....only to find that he got up to watch it, and laughed quite loud. I think you're going to get along just fine :)

  2. :) Yay! Very much looking forward to this visit missy - I'll have him talking to the animals in no time! I have been told we have to pack 20+ carrots each for Parc Omega, and plenty of wet wipes for the wiping off of reindeer snot!