Sunday, 3 April 2011

92/365 I spy....

...with my little eye, something beginning with P.
Yes, we finally saw our first porcupine today, sadly it was a dead porcupine which wasn't really what I had in mind, but did mean that we got some amazingly detailed piccies, and more importantly Jasper didn't get any quills up the nose (ouch!).

We made it up at 6am this morning, well quarter past anyway. Off to Morris Island conservation area for a trampse around the woods in the sunshine. Finally warm enough to sit on a bench and watch the world. So warm in fact that we caught the sun and have rosey cheeks to take to the jazz night tonight.

More photos as ever on flickr and here's a video of a frozen lake. Listen to the ice cracking in the sun. Jasper thought there were monsters coming up from under the ice.

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