Saturday, 22 January 2011

A sweater challenge update

My self imposed sweater challenge (knit 11 in 2011) continues.....lets have a round up of progress so far:

numero one - cardi for me, finished, hooray!

Cast on and in progress:
two - lace weight top of doom - half finished and although I love it, its driving me crazy!
three - lovely lovely cardigan of joy, cast on earlier this week as an antidote to the aforementioned lace-weight of doom

In the planning stages:
four - Mum's birthday top, due in April (actually it was meant to be a Christmas top, but I am rubbish!)
five - Paul's orange chunky cardigan of wondrous snuggly wonder (like I'm ever going to let him wear it, it'll be mine all mine)
six - Michael's crazily complicated cabled fisherman sweater - the beast! (pattern and yarn chosen)

So that leaves 11 months and one week, and 5 more sweater vacancies.....and an almost guaranteed bout of RSI coming my way at some stage too.

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