Saturday, 15 January 2011

14/365 An evening to remember

I thought I knew what todays post was going to be about since yesterday afternoon when I bought a ticket to a concert on the way home from work. I was confident I'd manage to sneak a photo whilst the Canadian Brass boys performed their magic with the NAC orchestra. The concert was indeed fab. I sat with my knitting and revelled in a mixture of show tunes(*), beatles hits and blues treats. Magic.

Wandered home via the Ribs-night Paul was attending. I'll be honest, I partook of a few beverages. And it was not til after 2am that we headed home, which is way past the hour of pumpkin-ness ( I am usually more sensitive than cinderella and transform into some kind of squash at around 10:30pm).....on arrival home Jasper attacked and we headed back out into the outside to let him add his contributions to the yellow snow.

As I put the key in the lock on return home, I turned round - and spotted bright stripes of light in the sky.
Now I don't drink rum often, so at first I was unsure whether this was some side-effect people had been keeping quiet from me. Paul thankfully could see the colours too, but to be fair had also been sampling the rum.....if these photos look to you like a big blank sky, then please accept my apologies and I'll keep my hallucinations to myself in future.

Either way, we had a fab time running down to the river to get a better view, and freezing our fingers off waiting for 30 second exposures in the chilly -16 night air.
Research this morning leads me to the discovery that the lights were caused by ice crystals in the air (and you could see shiny fairy dust type sparkles in the air.), and not the Northern Lights. But it was pretty damn magical either way. And has not even been dampened by the hangover this morning.

(*) Paul would like me to point out that he was not present and did not sit through show tunes. The boy does generative maths art for fun and thinks an appreciation of show tunes is what would reck his street cred.

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