Tuesday, 25 January 2011

24/365 We are pleased to announce....

....that we are now a four sofa household. I know many of you have been expecting this happy news for some time, and we've been procrastinating. But we finally made this the most committed of steps in our relationship and our new addition is now snuggling into the lounge and fast becoming one of the family. There may have been a few hiccups in the early moments - choosing a -27 morning, complete with aching limbs from skiing, to move a sofa up the outside staircase may not have been the most sensible course of action. But suffice to say that our new friend is now displaying a lovely layer of dog hair so has truly been accepted into the household.

We spent the evening as a family, reading our books before passing out and snoring sweetly together listening to Late Junction.

NB. I realise that some of you may focus on the fact that this photo suggests that I can only read by following the words with a finger. May I direct you to the far more interesting observation that Jasper has now started researching patchwork patterns in the evenings. And yes, Paul is nearing his yearly haricut. Only three more months to go.

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