Thursday, 13 January 2011

13/365 - Canadian Experience

Its 137 days to go til the littlest Lawes sister arrives. Yesterday she set me a challenge to think of something that I really want to do whilst in Canada that I haven't done yet, to do while she's here.

I have been pondering this and I blame this preoccupation for my impulse buy in the supermarket this afternoon. I purchased two packets of Kraft dinner, purely because neither Paul and I have had one before and it seems like we should experience it before we leave. Its probably more of an American thing than Canadian to be honest, but its a cultural reference that we lack thus far.....

Beautiful isn't it? Yes, its macaroni and cheese from a packet. And not even that tasty looking asparagus can transform it into something that looks even vaguely appetising. The cheese sauce mix actually looked like crushed wotsits. Classy.

Paul went back for seconds.

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