Wednesday, 26 January 2011

26/365 On grey afternoons....

...when you're feeling antisocial, it takes a hefty kick up the bum to leave the house and head out to meet people, even good friends.
But if you do make that effort, you may well be rewarded with cappuccinos, tiramisu and an impromptu game of fluxx. The waiters may be a tad confused, but you will leave feeling much more content with life.

NB. It is significant to note that my mood was lifted despite losing miserably and repeatedly. After so many years I am sure that my family and those attending birthday celebrations in the Caston area from 1985-9 will be pleased to note that I am no longer the girl who had hissy fits at parties when she didn't win at pass the parcel. I am now a woman who is only minorly frustrated by losing, and is fine once she has bought herself a conciliatory croissant on the way home. This I'm sure you will agree, is progress indeed.


  1. I, too, used to throw hissy fits at parties. In fact, I often cried at my own birthday parties. Not anymore, I promise! ;)

    I can't believe you lived in a place called Cast-on! How knitterly of you.

  2. Born and bred there - its in the blood I tell you!

    And there'd better be no tears next week lady!