Thursday, 27 January 2011

27/365 See what happens....

....when you forget to bring your knitting to work. Suddenly the urge to colour-code the odd ball bin is so overwhelming that you come round an hour and a half later having created a masterpiece.....oooh the pretty colours.....

I will now be spending the next four days mentally preparing myself for the unsorted-ness of the bin when I return to work - oooh those pesky customers! ;)


  1. Should have sorted my students yesterday instead of getting mad... would have calmed my nerves. I realize color coding might not be such a good idea but maybe size is acceptable... hmmm


  2. Muriel - I think you would fast have got sacked for sorting them by colour, maybe by attitude?

    Little lawes - you have obviously forgotten when I categorised my balloons for least I was paid for sorting the yarn!