Monday, 10 January 2011

10/365 Finishing projects left right and centre

Three knitting projects finished in the last two days.....Sweater number one is off the needles and I'm snuggled up in it now - hooray! (Technically its a cardigan but I'm not fussy).

The second project is a secret for now as its going in my pressie for the yarn store Christmas do on will appear later if I remember, I'm very pleased with it though....(although, technically that was a crochet project....)

And last but not least I finished an itty bitty fishy baby hat that I found hidden away half finished over the weekend...his uneven eyes appeal to me, he might be my favourite fish hat yet. I have requests for more this year though, so check back for more artistic interpretations of fish-features throughout the year.


  1. I am not allowed to comment on your list of things you like, I wanted to say that I like that Fluxx is on there and request a game when me and him come to stay :)

    PS. Also wanted you to know that I read this often, I am always watching....ooooooo

  2. :) I can pretty much guarantee you a game, and my friend Betsy is just about as obsessed with it as I am......and love the fact that you are watching picallili!