Monday, 28 February 2011

58/365 Recreating characters from my childhood.... snow.
Remember Button moon? No? Here's a quick reminder:

And here is a brief list of things you should remember if you wish to recreate Mr. Spoon in snowman form (which obviously you do):

* DON'T. He has a head far far bigger than his neck. This is a far from ideal physique for snowmen construction. His head will fall off. You will stamp your foot. His body will then fall off because you are making him on a balcony and when you stamp your foot the whole thing vibrates. At least if you stamp a foot the size of mine it does.

* Is it windy? Then DON'T! Particularly if you are using a flimsy blue plastic plate for his hat. It will blow away. And you will have to run after it, in a foot of snow. And when you've retrieved it and go back to trying to get buttons to stick on his face, it will blow away again because you have failed to put something heavy on it. Dufus.

* If your prime snowman making spot is in plain site of the Spanish Embassy then you may wish to create your masterpiece either before or after 3pm, when they are all leaving for the afternoon and can come out and watch you from the carpark. Just a thought.

* Still determined to give it a go? Ok, I did warn you....

It's all worth it!

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