Monday, 28 February 2011

56/365 A thrifting we will go...

(Blog from Saturday!)
The day started with an early alarm for the boy, who was determined to make it to the canal bright and breezy for a last skate before the thaw. The music blared, he got out of bed (shocking in itself), and I rolled over and went to back to sleep.

He returned.

Apparently it was 5am, not the required 6am, and I need lessons on setting the alarm clock. Oops!

Anyway, post skate we headed out in 'The Beast', and I spent a fab day thrifting in Smiths Falls.

Some of my haul:

It turns out that being upgraded to that enormous car was a great thing, the $1 thrift store sale is dangerous.

I have stacks of fabric, including the Mickey Mouse alphabet sheet you can see here. Two summer corduroy jackets, an awesome woollen-take-me-skiing in this sweater (bottom right), and a collection of picture books for Paul.

Jobs a good 'un!

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