Tuesday, 8 February 2011

38/365 Monday's recipe for pud

When your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/pet/self gets home from a hard day at work (late), it is nice to serve him/her/whatever a glass of wine to aid relaxation, encouraging a speedy acclimatisation to the non-work world once more.

When he promptly spills the glass of (red) wine all over the (cream) sofa, its time to pull out the big guns - dessert.

For this evenings effort, melt a lump of butter in a small pan. When fluid use a pastry brush to paint the butter onto a couple of sheets of filo pastry and set aside. Stir in a shake of brown sugar to the left over butter and then a glug or two of (cheap) brandy. Add a peeled and sliced apple and a couple of pitted prunes. Simmer away til the fruit is soft then transfer the fruit to a small pie dish. Add small strips of the filo pastry to the top and then pour over the remaining brandy-butter concoction.

Stick in the oven at 180 degrees C (erm.....sorry, don't know the Canadian for this!) and bake til the top is crusty and the smell means you can't control yourself any longer.

Add a dollop of double cream and a grating of dark chocolate.

Eat it.


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