Thursday, 17 February 2011

48/365 Smiles

Many years ago (or at least 5 anyway), I had my palm read by a wizened old man in a village in India. Looking back I should have tape-recorded it, as I can now only remember that he told me I had a funny face. Sadly the shock of his comment means I cannot recall any of his other predictions about my life expectancy/financial future etc. However, after the many smiles I received on my walks to and from work today, it appears the man had far greater powers than I gave him credit for.

So why so many smiles today? I wasn't wearing my Estonia hat, and I don't think I was singing out loud. I didn't have toothpaste/chocolate spread/snot on my face (I checked).
I was wearing Paul's sweater as its National Sweater Wearing day in Canada and I thought I should make the effort.....but it's not a particularly funny sweater.....

I think maybe I was grinning to myself. Maybe that was it. I've been distracted for much of the day by a new super-hero I discovered this morning. Now languages aren't one of my strong points, but I am sure this word....

... refers to Wonder-dadido, a famous fatherly Spaniard with a tartan cape and spandex tights.....lets hope people can just see my goofy grin and not read my thoughts too.

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