Saturday, 12 February 2011

43/365 A new sport....

.....shadow skiing. My shadow seemed so much more graceful and agile than I felt. And neither does she appear to have any blisters.

Fab morning skiing again, a full 20 degrees warmer than the last time we ventured out. The snow looked particularly glorious when the sun snuck out from behind the clouds, and we even made it to a cabin where we sampled soy milk hot chocolate offered by fellow adventurers. Can't say I'd drink it by choice in future but it served to warm the cockles before we headed out again.

Back home we snuggled up and spent the afternoon napping through Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger, waking up each time Dr-Quinn/Princess Farah let rip one of her trademark blood-curdling "eek there's something scary made out of plasticine" screams.

Just been for a wander down by the river as the sun set over the forming snow-dunes, and now for a cuppa by the fire. Winter Saturdays are fine indeed.

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