Monday, 14 February 2011

45/365 Happy Monday

Well, it seems that my less than subtle advertising for Valentines Cards has failed. My romantic mail this morning consisted of my new Ontario driving license - complete with photo of Zombie me - and notice that we need to renew our overseas voting rights for the UK. Truly soppy post I'm sure you'll agree.....maybe the red envelopes were lost in the post.

Anyhow, I treated Jasper and I to an afternoon of Murder, She Wrote. We watched a classic episode in which the Millionaire's pet Beagle inherits his fortune much to the dismay of the greedy relatives. The dog is then trained to press the button which closes the mansion gates, on someones head - a cunning murder weapon indeed. Although Jasper seemed to be concentrating on licking his leg rather than the intricacies of the plot, as I started the next episode he rolled over and pressed the mute button on the remote control. The boy is obviously a genius, and I should probably keep in his good books.

I leave you with our dessert from this evening. We don't do Valentines, but we do do dessert.

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