Tuesday, 22 February 2011

53/365 Mammal spotting on Maple Isalnd

When we decided to move to a Capital city, I must admit to being a little unsure, I'm a country girl at heart.

Thankfully, despite being able to see Parliament from our place (*) we also get our fair share of wildlife. Much of this has been seen on a little Island in the Rideau River at the end of the street. Maple Island is not only one of my favourite picnic spots, but we've been lucky enough to see Raccoons, Chipmunks, a Snapping Turtle (**), Red/Grey and Black squirrels, Muskrats and the odd chewed up tree as evidence of local Beavers.

Winter means less mammal spots however, and on today's stroll I only managed to see this example of Canus Awkwardus.

Otherwise known as Jasper the wonderdog.

Almost every day we take a little afternoon stroll to the same place to sit on a bench together and look out over the water. And each time he goes around the wrong side of this tree, and then looks back over his shoulder at me as if I'm the one that needs training.

I swear sometimes he winks too. And yet I love him. Funny how often in life the awkward ones are so dear to us.

(*) In the interest of honesty, you can only see the Peace Tower if you lean out of the window to a dangerous extent. Oh, and only in Winter when there aren't any leaves on the trees. But my point is, we're in the city.

(**) I am aware Snapping Turtles are not mammals and apologise for any confusion this list may cause.

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