Saturday, 19 February 2011

50/365 Obsessions.

Currently my obsessions are trifold and unsurprisingly all craft related.

I started a pair of mittens for Paul on Thursday evening and I love them, and am going to find it hard not to steal them away and keep them for myself because thats the kind of selfish moo I am. I expect they'll feature as a photo sometime this week.

The '11 sweaters in 2011' challenge continues and I currently have three on the needles, one of which is dangerously close to being finished, just awaiting a button delivery.

The project I'm making the most progress with is the Mario blanket though. It's based on Paul's favourite level of Super Mario 3, when Mario uses a Kuribo Boot. In the past I've cross-stitched and perler-beaded the character, and this time he's going to form a crocheted granny square blanket. Today, I laid out the squares I've made so far:

145 squares out of the final 335, almost half way. And when I arranged them today I realised its going to be HUGE! Plenty big enough to snuggle under, fabulous.

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