Thursday, 24 February 2011

55/365 Pop Quiz (Part 1)

Is this photograph depicting:

a) The annual Sasquatch hunt. Surburban Sasquatch are chased down the river and caught in giant nets before they fall down the waterfall. They are weighed, tagged and set free in Northern Quebec to prevent them causing harm in Urban areas.

b) Preparations for the Giant Rainbow Salmon rush. Come the thaw these humongous fishes will head down the river to spawn at the bottom of the waterfall. Fishing Quotas allow 1000 of these delicious fishies to be caught, only to be sold in the Byward Market area of Ottawa.

c) The imminent dynamiting of the river. The ice is blown up by mysterious men in orange jackets who may or may not be part of conspiracy to end all winter fun in the Capitol region.

d) Mad scientists (rumoured to be a secret research group from NRC) using magic nets spun from beaver fur to catch rainbows.

e) All of the above. The four groups form a co-operative for the last week of February to pool their resources in the pursuit of their goals.

f) None of the above. Amy you've completely lost what little sense you had. Again.


  1. I guess I cannot play.....


  2. I suppose if anything C), but I would love to see A)!