Friday, 11 March 2011

An aside....

According to the stats-buster-gizmo on this blog, thus far this week I have had:

48 hits in Canada (unsurprising, I live here)

35 hits from the United Kingdom (again, not a shocker, frankly I nag my family to read and am surprised this isn't higher!)

but then also.....
11 from United States
8 from Japan
3 from Italy
2 from the United Arab Emirates
and 1 each from Switzerland, Germany and the Isle of Man.

I would just like to say hello to these people, and hope they found what they were looking for....

Further investigation tells me that in the past people have wandered onto this blog as a result of searching for:
"estonia", "hot diamonds", "urban knitting" "dr. quinn" and "wellies in bed".

Now, I realise that in reality these were probably different people, but I do like to imagine that somewhere (almost definitely the Isle of Man) there is a diamond smuggler who disguises themselves as Jane Seymour and counts their ill gotten gains in bed whilst wearing funky knitted wellies.

Maybe I should just get out more.

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