Wednesday, 9 March 2011

66/365 Pancake Day!

The party was a success, well I enjoyed it anyway - and obviously that's the most important thing!
There were pancakes with a variety of filling options: leeks in smoked cheese sauce, Betsy's apples in Brandy, Kate's ginger and vanilla pears, Paul's lemon and cinnamon bananas, a variety of lovely lovely fruit sauces from the far corners of Canada, lemon and sugar, chocolate spread, Jamaican rum much yummy!

The day as a whole was an eventful one. I finished sweater number two while at work this afternoon (Whoop Whoop! Photo's to follow later in the week), almost adopted a dog on the way home and had my hand kissed by a very drunken man who told me I was beautiful (and obviously would have thought the same if sober!)

.....and the morning was spent introducing a friend to Murder, She Wrote. Sadly no conversion occurred so I'll go back to watching it alone. Apparently the choice of episode - set in England with cor-blimey English accents, Angela Lansbury playing both herself and her music-hall singing cousin - was not enough to sway her. Ho hum!

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