Thursday, 17 March 2011

75/365 I love post.

I had a whole lovely post planned about how much I love getting post (mail), and how happy the sound of letters falling on the mat makes me. But sadly this cold is kicking in with a vengeance and I can barely keep my eyes open or my stuffy nose from running so I'm not sure how far I'll get.

The photo shows the selection of stamps on post received this week - fab! Wallace and Gromit, Winnie the Pooh, Stingray, Return to the Forbidden Planet and Me and My Girl. (Oh and her Majesty of course!). I must admit to being very fond of stamps. There is something magical about little bits of sticky paper that give you permission to transport letters/cards/parcels around the world. The trend now seems to be towards the postage-paid stickery thingamys, long live stamps I say!

And long live letter writing too.....which reminds me its my turn to write to almost all my correspondents at the moment - maybe that's what I'll do from under my duvet tomorrow. Apologies if your next letter comes complete with the aroma of lemsip.

(thank you for the cards, I've been playing guess the handwriting, I'll see how good I am at the weekend!)

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