Monday, 7 March 2011

65/365 Housework and hanging out

Sadly, there are consequences to a lazy weekend. The main one being the backlog of jobs to do on Monday. And for once I can't put them off as we're hosting a pancake day party tomorrow so the house has to look at least semi-presentable.

I am not fond of housework, lets face it - who is? And so today I relied on "The colander of chores" to make my decisions and motivate me. All tasks were written on pieces of paper, folded up and put in the colander, then drawn out one by one.....sadly this did mean that "clean the bathroom" was the first job of the day, but at least its done now.

And now I'm free, last thing drawn out was "catch up on the blog and photos" (I didn't say all the tasks were nasty!), so here I am.

I treated Jasper and I to walk in the sunshine for tidying the house (he helped by ensuring I knew when the hoover was switched on by running out of the room). The snow is still quite deep, although it took me quite a few arm-length shots to get a photo to's the series:

And also a little video of Jasper and I in the snow. Walking in the summer will seem so easy after all this snow-stomping:

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