Tuesday, 29 March 2011

86/365 Thus far spring is much like winter....

...except that you can see more grass and there are lots more birds about, many of whom are in a frisky mood.

I got a classic case of brain-freeze whilst walking with Paul to work this morning, like an ice-cream overdose but sadly without the ice-cream bit.

Spent the day knitting away on some new stripety socks in a very festive colour combination. I have reassured P that we will be allowed to wear them all year round and not just at Christmas, but whether I get them done by then is a whole other matter.

NB. Contrary to spell-checkers beliefs, stripety is a word and you should endeavor to use it in a sentence today.


  1. What is the picture of please?

  2. The ice on the birdge over the waterfall. the water is running again so it churns up lots of spray, which then freezes onto the metal railings. very pretty (although perhaps not obviosuly pretty in the picture!)