Sunday, 27 March 2011

85/365 SUGAR!

The perfect cure for waking up after partaking of a tad too much red wine? A wander down to the Maple Sugar Fest in Vanier. Live entertainment, a big plate of breakfast, book sale and Children's crafts. I love community events so much!

I am fast crashing from my maple syrup high so a bullet point summary is called for:

* Breakfast was just what the doctor ordered (apart from the undercooked potatoes, but the delicious maple syrup made up for it).

* Feeding Amy copious amounts of sugary treats is apparently a spectator sport. I was so hyper this morning. There may have been dancing, and there was definitely skipping and giggling. It beggars belief that my friends still come out in public with me. Maybe I just serve to make them look good!

* I was encouraged to participate at the children's craft table - in fact I was the only participant (maybe I scared the children). I now have an authentic maple syrup catcher of my very own, although mine is made out of cardboard not Birch bark so probably not actually useful. Or authentic. But I had fun. We also purchased some Canadian art....go see here.

* We will now be napping for the afternoon, and possibly the evening too. Hooray.

* I leave you with a clip of the live entertainment. This turned out to be the band warming up, but the tap shoe work was most wonderful anyway. And what would a community event be without a man driving round in a tank thingamy to add to the atmosphere? (I am reliably informed that it is in fact an ATV, but it looks like a tank-lite to my girlie eyes).

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