Saturday, 25 June 2011

173/365 Red lame and leopard print

(That should be pronounced larm-ay, can't work out how to do accents on here. )

I wish I had a photo to show Mr. Elvis Costello strumming one of his five thousand guitars whilst wearing a shiny red jacket and leopard print fedora. Sadly photography is banned at the festival, and whilst most people were ignoring this ruling, as I was wearing my volunteer pass I thought it was best if I behaved myself....Anyway, he was fab indeed. I'm not a die hard fan and so couldn't sing along to quite as many as the rest of the crowd, but the rain held off (the only two rain free hours of the day!) and he definitely put on a great show.

So my photo today is of the view of parliament when I got home and walked the dog, still humming '(I don't want to go to) Chelsea'.

(Sorry to end on a sad note, but we think Junior McBeaky may not have made it. We saw him in a garden up the street last night and he didn't look too well, although the adults were still on patrol. Poor love. x)

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