Saturday, 25 June 2011

172/365 Gratutious chest shot

Yes, in an effort to boost readership I have resorted to the old age technique of taking photos of my chest, pretty stunning hey? Well, this is the flattering fitted look you get when you insist on ordering a 'large' volunteer freebie shirt. When will I ever learn? Ho hum, 'twill make a good nightshirt.

Anyway, jazzfest is here, and Friday night was my first shift. And it was also a ridiculously rainy day with thunderstorms starting at around 6:30pm. My shift started at 7pm. Eek. Thankfully for the most part it was dry though, with the downpour we feared all evening kicking in during the encore. And frankly by that stage I'd had about all I wanted of Mr. Robert Plant. I'm sure if you are a fan it was a good gig, but afraid I found it a bit M.O.R. And the 'planters' weren't half litter-louts! Blimey O'Reilly.

3 more shifts to go and the forecast is looking soggy! Hopefully I'll get some great musical experiences out of it though, time will tell.

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