Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Turtle Power....

The heat is on, well the sun is up anyway. Many people (one or two ) seemed concerned as to whether we'll cope with the Winters out here, and although we know it was a mild one we've just got through - its the summers that will be a challenge for me. I am not a fan of the heat.

But, armed with my new positive outlook on life (surprising what two years off work can do for your state of mind!), I am embracing summer in all its sweaty smellyness....
Donning my sunhat and heading to a cottage for the weekend, we paddled, swam, ate fab food and sat about reading. The last two of these may well be suitable for all weathers, but the experience was enhanced by ample use of bug spray and sun tan lotion.

The wildlife highlight of the weekend was a prehistoric discovery. Making the most of our last morning we headed down for one last dip in the lake, until Paul nearly trod on this beauty, sunning himself on the rocks by the jetty.

We've been warned not to get to close to snapping turtles, as they can be feisty. Having checked out the spikes on his tail we stayed out of the water for a while, (for scale, his tail was as long as my hand - and I have spindly fingers!).

When he eventually headed back into the water, we had our swim. The cold water is fantastically refreshing in the heat - or shockingly cold on your extremities depending on whether you're still thinking positively.

As we dried off we spotted a snake swimming by. Glad we didn't see him before we got in!

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