Sunday, 30 May 2010

chop chop busy busy

Ottawa - the busiest weekend yet...

Saturday saw the Great Glebe Garage Sale. We met for breakfast at Betsy's (delicious as ever) then headed out to grab some bargains. Our 'hope to find' list included lamps for Paul's office, rubber snakes and a copy of The Twits by Roald Dahl.....and we were succesful on all counts. Our haul included:
2 matching retro desk lamp, from different stalls: $1.50
Four balls of jade cotton for knitting baby jackets and a science text book: $1.00
6 blank lab books and a crochet a monster kit: $3.00
3 children's story books for making into notebooks: $1.00
Hockey gloves for Paul and The Twits: $7.50
A Canadian Atlas and three sci-fi novels for Paul: $3.50
Tote bag made from an Indian Coffee sack: free
Two rubber snakes: photographed for free

Bargains galore. $17.50 spent - (around a tenner for those reading in sterling). And lots of fun spotting, we could have come home with several mannekins, a Harley Davidson, hobby horses.....oh so much temptation.

And on to Sunday. This is Race weekend in Ottawa, 2,5 and 10km races yesterday, and the half and full marathons today. The route goes past the end of the street and as he race starts at 7am I was awoken by the cowbells, yelling and Spanish music echoing from the cheering statio up the road. Paul slept on, but when I found it a struggle to concentrate on my book due to the wafts of The Macarena, I nudged him into action and we headed down to watch the fun. Our area (New Edinburgh) wins prizes yearly for its enthusiastic cheering and the crowds were out in force to hig five the runners and hand them cups of gatorade or water - and for some reason the men helping out were wearing red dresses. Bizarre.

We had a date at the Ravenswing Zine and Craft Fayre though, and cycled over to explore. (This meant nipping across the race route infront of the slower runners due to bad route planning). The fayre was quite small, but we grabbed a coffee and cupcake and sat back to listen to the local bands playing before heading to Aunt Olive's for yummy lunch (why are so many of my posts so full of food!).

Then back on the bikes and off to The Ottawa Children's Festival, whilst there Paul took the opportunity to dress up as a dragon.
This was an added bonus though as our main purpose was to hang out in the Luminarium. This was one of our favourite things to do back in england too as its run by a Nottingham based company. Difficult to explain to anyone whose not been, but the closest I can get is lying back on the inside of a bouncy castle listening to whale works for us anyway!

Many more piccies from this weekend on Flickr.

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