Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Blog neglect....

Poor lonely blog. Not been paying you much attention over the last week or so....buried in knitting and playing in the woods.
A few images to keep you going until my writing juices start flowing again:

the beautiful fish that was caught during our day in the woods last week. (He was released to swim again as we had eaten our full of burgers (the men) and peanut butter on toast (me) cooked on the open fire). Tramping round the woods identifying trees and bugs galore, canoeing with beavers in the river, ice-cream on the way home - bliss.

Two from our walk home on Saturday evening. Paul spent the day chasing men round the woods with a paintball gun, I spent the day browsing estate sales and buying a loom - who says we don't fit into traditional gender stereotypes! In the evening we headed to Gatineau (reluctantly it must be said) but ended up having a very entertaining evening - and a beautiful walk home along the river.

On the way back up the stairs after sharing a cuppa by the waterfall with Paul this afternoon, I noticed this new addition to the neighbourhood. I am currently unsure why there is a turtle in a paddling pool on the basement roof. Canadian custom?

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