Saturday, 8 May 2010

Tea- party

We've been here nine months now, well ten months, but nine in our current abode. During that time we've benefited from several generous invitations by various of Paul's fellow scientists, many of which revolve around food - there was the ice-cream tasting with delicious home-made strawberry heaven; wine-tasting and fondue (never encourage me to sample 7 different wines, even in small quantities); bbq's (have I mentioned that Paul used to be a vegetarian, didn't last long!) and trips to cold-war bunkers. How is the cold-war museum food related? Surprisingly you really put away the sushi after being educated underground about survival after nuclear attacks for a couple of hours.

Anyway, we felt it was probably our turn to act as host and hostess, and decided to invite one and all to an English Tea Party. Now, we benefit here from there only being a couple of other Brits in the group. This meant I could bake things we enjoyed eating, whether they were traditional or not.....And what does a Lawes girl do when faced with a day of baking - yes Mum, she cracks out the Bero book! (And refers to Nigella too).
And voila:

We made: Strawberry Shortcakes; Blue-cheese biscuits; a Victoria Sponge; Cherry and Brandy Trifle (Paul was in charge of the brandy - enough said); Cheese scones (of course!); Feta filo parcels and a selection of sandwiches cut in beautiful triangles - cream cheese and cucumber, salmon, and jam. (Paul did neglect to cut the crusts off the sandwiches, but thankfully this faux-pas was only noticed by one of the fellow Brits, we gave him another beer to keep him quiet).

The evening was a big success. We had 25 guests (we didn't know this many in England!), and the scientists played nicely with the lesser mortals. Despite filling the bath with beer, many stuck with tea - very civilised. Jasper behaved beautifully - stunning many by refusing their offerings of tidbits.....then throwing up what he had eaten, he is a fussy dog.

And now we get to spend a soggy Saturday sat by the fire, working our way through the leftovers, safe in the knowledge we won't be throwing a party for another year - lovely. x

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