Friday, 5 November 2010

Has anyone seen my turkey?

I would like to refer you to this post from April....and in particular the scientific measurements:
"I now weigh the same as
20,618 Ruby Throated Hummingbirds
or 687 Blue Jays
or 52 Mallards
or 8 Wild Turkeys."

Yesterday I returned to the museum to reweigh myself after two weeks of my new strict diet - cake, lobster, fried wontons and more cake.

Drum roll please.......(you'd better be drumming on the table people)...
I now weigh:
16, 997 Ruby Throated Hummingbirds,
or 567 Blue Jays
or 42 Mallards
or 7 Wild Turkeys.

Pick your jaws up off the floor please. Yes it is an amazing achievement. Now if we take into account that I (embarrassingly for Steve) took off my shoes and jumper to ensure I minimised the impact of winter clothing on the hummingbird quota - I still am not sure where I have lost a turkey. These birds are enormous. You can sneeze and lose a hummingbird, you can train for a 10k and lose a couple of bluejays - but a turkey? I am beginning to wonder if I have had a limb amputated in the last 7 months and noone let me know....

Anyway, I celebrated by eating a large slice of cake and deep frying some more wontons - its not that I like this food, but the numbers don't lie, this diet is working!

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