Tuesday, 10 August 2010


It is one year today since we arrived in Canada - ONE WHOLE YEAR!

And I spent our anniversary:
* taking Jasper to the vets for a teeth cleaning;
* having a picnic on the island, watching the herons prowl around in the reeds and trying to make sure Paul made it back to work rather than falling asleep in the sunshine;
* having tea and scones with a knitting buddy - who brought round delicious homemade tomato sauce;
* eating homemade pizza with good friends;
* stretching and relaxing at yoga class as the clouds turned pink outside;
* watching The Thick Of It and knitting.....

Life is good and lots more to look forward to. In the coming week we have exciting musical developments and in the next couple of months visits from both our families too - busy busy and lots more fun. Heres to another very happy year to come. x

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