Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oops, behind again....

Eek, its the 26th already and I'm behind on posting again. Another bulletpoint of recent events is called for....
* We ventured off to Toronto for a weekend of music and swimming in lakes. The concert, organised by Broken Social Scene, featured Paul's chance to reminisce his teenage years with a sunset performance by Pavement. The venue was Toronto Islands so we got to paddle our feet in the lake and watch the evening light over the city skyline.

The concert was rubbishly organised, and bizarrely they confiscated all food, blankets and frisbees on the way in - security risks or a way to get you into the hour + queues for munchies on site?

On the way home again we diverted to Sandbanks Provincial Park for sunbathing, swimming in Lake Ontario and running down sand dunes. Lovely jubbly. It takes some getting used to that the water isn't salty, I still pulled sourpuss face everytime I got a mouthful as my brain could not accept the freshness.

* I have started training almost properly for my 10km back in England in July....eek, July as in the month that starts on Thursday - eek!

* I also finally cycled to the Wildlife Garden for volunteering this week - hooray! A saving of $5 on bus fair, a lovely 45 minutes by the canal and some more exercise. Bonus. I planted 8 trees this week and saw a fox, well worthwhile.

* We attended our first evening at the Jazz festival - see Paul's detailed review below, but here is a glimpse of the Keytar in all its glory: (much better without sound I assure you!)

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