Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Christmas!

Well, as I sit waiting for the soup to simmer to perfection, watching the first snow storm of the year out the window, I thought I'd better update this as waiting for Paul to blog is like waiting for me to mop the floor!

We are full into Christmas mode now, spending as many evenings as possible sat by the fire in our dressing gowns, sipping whisky and writing Christmas cards which have little to no chance of arriving on time (sorry!). We've been making an effort to attend festive event, so a brief round up so far:

The Ballet

I went to my first ballet at the start of the month, The Nutcracker at The NAC. My friend Sarah managed to get student rate tickets, and although we forgot to wear our pearls, or posh frocks, we got pretty good seats and enjoyed the show. I can't say that ballet will now be top of my list of theatre treats, I'll always be a mystery/thriller/musical girl at heart, but it was definitely a festive way to start the month.

Tree cutting Party

Last weekend we were invited to a tree-cutting party at a friend of our friend Tara. We headed off the farm where we were welcomed with lots of home-cooked food, mulled wine and hot cider. The plan was to cut down a tree for Tara, but Paul soon wanted one of his own too!

Not sure why he's giving it such a shifty look!
We spent the afternoon stuffing our faces, mainly on perogies which are a new-found favourite I may have to dabble with over Christmas.


Not really an 'event' to attend, but the snow is well and truly here, with storm warnings today and schools closed. Shovelling the steps is now on the daily to do list - in fact today it'll be two or three times. Sadly the shovel slipped over at some point this morning and is now buried so the first task is to find it!
Jasper seems to be enjoying the white stuff, he gets his new booties at the weekend and has a jacket en route from England (thankyou!) so will be quite the dapper gentleman. For now he seems to be wagging his tail to keep warm:

Still to come we have Christmas dinner at friends this weekend, including a boys v girls wii fit tournament apparently - cameras will not be allowed! Then a barber shop Christmas concert the following weekend.

In the meantime I have Paul's Christmas-dalek blanket to finish, and we are slowly decorating the tree, which although it smells lovely is a little sparse at the moment.

right, best take jasper out before its too deep to see him!
Happy Christmas everyone. x

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