Sunday, 17 January 2010

Winter Sports....

I think its safe to say that if you asked any of our friends or family in the UK to describe us, 'Sporty' would be a long way down the list. (Feel free not to contribute to an actual list, we are very happy not knowing!). Anyhow, strange then that after so long with so little exercise beyond long walks we seem to have embraced winter sports so readily here.

First came the skating.
Now I have been reliably informed that the skills I have demonstrated thus far on the rink don't actually qualify as skating - just walking on the ice. However for those of you that have witnessed me falling down stairs or into a box of tambourines (who hasn't?!), I think you will appreciate that just standing on ice was a big achievement - so any kind of movement is frankly amazing. To date I haven't fallen. To date.

Paul then took this a stage further (men!), not only advancing his skills to skating backwards so he could video me:

but then branching out to wait for it - TEAM SPORTS.
Yes the man who in the years I have known him has maybe ventured out for a jog twice, is now taking part in weekly ice hockey. Who is he? What do they put in the water here?! This shot was taken seconds before Paul scored the first goal of the game. Yes you read that correctly.

This shot was taken seconds later, and was the pose repeated for much of the rest of the game!

On return home, Paul nursed his aching joints in the bath - and displayed beautiful lumps and bruises on his poor knees - but he loved it, and is going back next week! (We are going to buy knee pads today however!).

Not to be outdone, it was my turn again - and I chose skis as my next venture. Not downhill you'll be pleased/relieved to know, but cross country. And I LOVED it! The fact that I am still saying that two days later whilst my joints still ache/throb/scream is tribute to just how much I loved it.
I did fall over - twice, but somehow the ground is closer and softer so I wasn't fussed. Obviously I squealed so much at every little bump that my friends may have thought I wasn't enjoying myself - but I LOVED it.....

And so here we are, enjoying the snow, enjoying our sport - hope are nearest and dearest still recognise us when we return!

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