Saturday, 14 November 2009

pressing the red button.....

A busy busy week this week. Already I find it difficult to work out how I managed to fit life around having a full-time job (or part-time job in my case!). Thankfully Paul got to join in the fun this week as he had a day off on Wednesday (Nov 11th is a 'bank holiday' for government employees in Canada). We visited Diefenbunker a cold war bunker just outside Carp. I've mentioned our visit to several Canadian friends since. Those who have heard of it had images of the one or two room bunkers built for ten or so people, figuring there would be room for the PM and a few advisers. In reality it is a 4 story underground complex, 100,000 square feet in all.
As usual I fail to retain most facts and figures, but did find the tour fascinating. This was mainly due to the excellent guide with his tales of illegal moonshine being brewed in the kitchens and hidden in the ceiling vents, and stop offs at the bunker morgue and escape hatches. Strangely it felt more like being on a submarine or ship than underground - obviously I have vast submarine experience - how I would cope for 30 days cooped up down there I don't know.

The rest of the week included trips to Canadian Tire (a blender! soup production can start again); an evening at ignite ; the last hike of the season with the Thursday morning hikers; all-you-can eat sushi and of course knitting. Today there will be no strenuous activity as my ribs and right buttock ache from being let loose with an axe and saw at the wildlife garden yesterday afternoon - I think I need to work on my technique!

Onto knitting socks and hats have finally reached sister Wendy (not the art-critic nun, my twin-laden sibling), and Canadian-cuddly toys are en route to others. My festive knits are on hold while I finish a pair of mittens for myself as the cold sets in. Only one afternoon of snow so far but its getting frostier and the pond was frozen at the wildlife garden this week - hopefully the beaver was well prepared! Paul's dalek themed blanket may or may not be finished in time, but as he is still waiting for the jumper from last christmas he won't be shocked if I don't get it done!

Still taking lots and lots of piccies, for more (including jasper on the balcony!) see flickr, for now here is the sundog I saw whist walking his nibs last week. x

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