Monday, 26 October 2009

ten things we've observed about life in Canada

....some observations. you can decide for yourselves whether each one counts as a pro or con....

1. It seems that I enjoy cooking in Canada.
2. We have seen skunks, chipmunks, otters, raccoons and groundhogs all within five
minutes of home.
3. There is no postal delivery on Saturdays in Canada.
4. Halloween is much more popular out here.
5. Canadians whinge about the weather at least as much as the British.
6. Wool is cheaper in Canada.
7. It is harder to give family and friends hugs from overseas.
8. Paul now spends up to five hours a day at weekends sat on the balcony watching the
world go by.
9. David Gray is big in Canada.
10. English accents are exotic here - even mine!

that is all. x

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