Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Autumn....oops - Fall!

Eek its almost two months we've been here now. Reports from home suggest we left the sunshine back in the UK. We seemed to have moved from one country famed for its weather obsession - to one even more so! The warnings about the inclement winter come thick and fast - time will tell how much is fact and how much exaggeration!

For now it is changeable. Generally warm but odd showers to keep you on your toes, no great change! The autumn colours are stunning and inspire lots of photos - Jasper is gradually becoming accustomed to me stopping for a spot of photography after so long waiting for Paul! This weeks I have been mostly photographing fungi....if that floats your boat head to flickr.

Jasper seems to have overcome his illness of last week and has now caught my squirrel obsession and spends a large proportion of his day sat on the balcony trying to spot them - when they spot him they sit in the trees and tell him off - very funny!

The mammal count has rocketed this week, with another Beaver spot yesterday afternoon, no piccies but both of us saw it so witness testimony. Then on return from the cinema we saw our first skunk! I thought they were dainty little things - they are huge! This one could have happily taken Jasper on....too many Pepe le Pew cartoons as a child I think.

So, October rolls on, I've been off on knitting adventures into the countryside (see flickr again), we've been exploring the local parks and Paul's been ordering computer gadgetry! Another three day weekend coming up, and our first Thanksgiving - another food-based celebration woohoo! For now, more gourd shots from the market to leave you with autumnal colours once again....


  1. Hey Jasper!!! Yeah so glad he arrived safe. I was just asking Simon last week whether he thought Jasper was in Canada. Everything sounds amazing. I love catching up though the blog. You to you all. Lucy xx

  2. I meant 'love' to you all. Not you to you all!!! What does that mean??? Lx