Wednesday, 8 February 2012


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The series of photos of the Rideau River, I've taken one most mornings since last November, watching the ice creep in...

I've been taking the same shot most mornings, tracking the progress of winter. You can view them in order as a slideshow on my flickr page (follow the link above). And if you want to turn it into a 'Where's wally' type game, try spotting:
A traffic cone
Ski tracks
Political protest
An abandoned Christmas Tree
and a Sun Dog.

Oh and while I'm here (drum roll please) P got his language test results yesterday, and you will be shocked to hear that he is indeed proficient in English.

Bizarrely he scored highest in the Speaking test. This would be strange on any day (he prefers stoic silence), but on this particular day he'd been to the pub for lunch and had three pints prior to engaging in small talk with a stranger.....

It is safe to say that if I had behaved in the same way my results would not have been so rosy. In fact it is debateable whether I would have made it to the test centre standing up!

Ho hum...



  1. I think someone needs to make a t-shirt of that pi sign. And wear it March 14th, of course! (3/14, Pi(e) day)

  2. I used to celebrate Pi day with my maths classes back in England......with home-made Pi(e) included....