Friday, 17 February 2012

Notices and posters..

A series of photos from my walk to work this morning.

Number One: A lovely display of books about mathematics and baking (two of my favourite things)  in the window of my favourite bookshop:

Got to love maths humour!

Number Two: I'm guessing this is part of a series, probably from a Valentines Day treasure hunt? Obviously the first question that springs to mind is 'where's the next poster?'.

However, another interesting point to consider is 'What on Earth did it say on the poster that led Michael to the corner of Metcalfe and Albert?'
Did the couple meet on that street corner? Share their first kiss opposite their favourite stationary store? Did he propose whilst waiting for the lights to change on the way to the library? Sadly we'll probably never know...

Number three: A church billboard I actually agree with:

Not a bad selection for a forty minute meander through the streets of Ottawa. Have a good weekend everyone. x

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  1. I think my comment ended up in the last post. You might get a treasure hunt here also...