Friday, 31 December 2010


A simple one for 2011. Will be very disappointed if I can't manage it.

And it goes hand in hand with the more challenging self-imposed knitting resolution.....I will be endeavouring to knit 11 sweaters in 2011, egged on/supported by two of my colleagues at the yarn store....we've each set out own guidelines, mine are:
a) 'Sweater' can be a jumper, cardigan or tanktop, either adult or baby sized.
b) To count they need to be finished and wearable in 2011. They may have been cast on already (in fact two already have).
c) Each completed item needs to be blogged here - ideally with photos, if the recipient decides to model all the better.
Think that'll do it, don't want to restrict myself too much....if anyone has any requests let me know (Mum - you're already on the list!)

Happy New Year to one and all, hope 2011 is a happy, healthy, hoppity one for all. xxx

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