Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas is coming.... fact its almost here. Due to unforeseen overuse of the internet I have been a little quiet on here of late. Seems watching 8 hours of TV online sucks up that bandwidth - who knew! Anyway, wanted to share some festive cheer with a couple of piccies from recent weeks.
We started off at the European-Union run Carol Concert at the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was beautiful inside....the concert was slightly marred by lots of people wandering round during the service in efforts to find better seats - PUT YOUR BOTTOM ON A CHAIR AND STAY IN IT! (Breath Amy, Breath). A wide variety of Carols from around Europe sung very nicely, and some excellent people watching opportunities (spotted two sleepers and some fantastic bow-tie wearing) made for a nice start to the festivities however.

On to Paul's Christmas Work do, preempted by an afternoon of cookie decorating with Betsy and Michael. Betsy's beautiful sugar cookies were subject to a variety of artistic approaches. I chose a minimalist styling (which, though they looked gorgeous to an adult eye, do not appeal to children due to lack of sprinkles):
Paul spent some time exploring different textures:

The peak of our Christmas ventures so far was our annual trip to the Capital City Chorus Christmas Concert (well, our second trip anyway).

I love barbershop. Paul loves barbershop. We love barbershop - there, we've said it loud and proud. Adding to our festive favourites (Visa Visa; Head of hair; The drummer boy etc) was a stunning performance by the Canterbury School Choir whose latin piece in particular was breathtaking.....A very festive evening indeedy.

Right, a cup of tea is calling so I will stop rambling on for now. More piccies (mainly of snowy scenes) on flickr in a mo.....

Merry Christmas everybody. xxx

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