Monday, 19 March 2012

Sharing the wealth....competition time!

I went for a beautiful walk in the mist this morning. Not quite as idyllic as it sounds, as I ate the most enormous breakfast beforehand (it was a 10 sneezer!), and didn't exactly feel light on my feet, but the fog added a mysterious air to the city centre which even in my stodgy state I could appreciate:

Anyway, on the home stretch, the sun began peeking through, and now that I'm home and buoyed by yet more coffee, I thought it was about time I re-introduced a competitive edge to this blog. No, Guess the duck is not back (thats a Wednesday competition, pay attention!).....its time for...... When Ever Will Amy's Snow Bank Disappear? (W.E.W.A.S.B.D  - catchy isn't it?!).(*)

This is the snowbank outside our back door, photographed at 11:30 this morning (March 19th). All you need to do to enter, is guess the date on which, when I head out with the dog for the morning walk, the snowbank is no more.

Some possibly handy hints for those of you not residing in Ottawa:

  • As the observant among you will notice, we have the hammocks out on the back porch already. We are in the midst of a heatwave, with temperatures in the 20s predicted for most of this week.
  • Despite this, experts are suggesting that the ski season on the other side of the river may last into April.
  • Erm........snow is unpredictable! There may yet be more coming. If this happens, then I'm still counting it as the same snowbank. 

And the prize? I was lucky enough to receive a fab new knitting book in the post this week (thank you Lucy!), so have a wealth of new patterns for knitted vegetables at my fingertips. You could be the lucky recipient of a woolen artichoke, or perhaps you'd like a plush radish to snuggle up to? The winner can select from the available vegetables, and I will hand-make them a special cuddly veg of their very own. you can even decide if you'd like it realistic, or with a face and features like the munch bunch.

So, leave a comment, either on this post or on facebook, with three bits of info:
1) The date on which you think the snow will be no more.
2) Your chosen vegetable from the following selection: Peas in pod, parsnip, cauliflower, sweetcorn, leek, artichoke, pumpkin, beetroot, courgette, pepper, mushroom, asparagus, celery, carrot, chilli pepper, butternut squash, aubergine, cucumber, radish or a plum tomato.
3) Face or featureless?

Good luck! Closing date for entries is Saturday 24th March. Dates are first come first serve, so if someone has already chosen April 1st and you want it, tough!

(*) I have stolen this idea of another blog I read. Someone ran a very similar competition last year, but I can't find it now, if someone lets me know who it is, I''ll give them the credit they deserve! Thanks.


  1. 26th March and 4th April gone.....strange that two friends have picked my parents birthdays!

  2. I guess you are not allowed to shovel it!!! (I shovelled mine on the parking lot on Saturday to regain access to my 'backyard')... I would say April 7 if if does not rain heavily ; March 22 if we get a lot of rain...


  3. You can't hedge your bets with two dates missus, that's cheating! I'm taking your first answer.....and stay away with that shovel!!!! ;)

  4. Great contest idea!

    -Date all is melted: April 1st
    -Veggie I want: Artichoke
    -no face ;)

  5. I pick tomorrow, my day off, I have the shovel ready to eliminate the snow tonight. So my answer is March 20th.
    I'll take a Faceless artichoke.

  6. April 5th gone....and Chris I will hunt you down if you go near my snowbank with a shovel!

  7. AJ

    1) Happy Birthday (my PA informed me)
    2) March 24th for the snow bank. Your choice of vegetable prize, excepting of course my dual nemesis the evil aubergine and his able accomplice the caped courgette
    3) We must Skype, I hear Hockett has not got you kicked out of the country for erudite use of the English language so we shall avail ourselves of your hospitality
    4) Everything else you know already from the distracted scientist - you know what I am talking about you serial Facebooker
    5) I shall let you guess my identity

  8. 28th march and april 9th gone.

  9. Well, that's me out of the running as I was betting for today in a secret unpublished way, but I'm too honest to change it now... no knitted veg for me this week :(